To protect your head, you need to wear a helmet.

Many people lead a sedentary life, which can lead to weight gain.

They accredit him with the secret charity.

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In winter it snows.

We'll live like kings.

Mikael bought a bottle of red wine.

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You can probably buy one of these cheaper somewhere else.

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Isn't that amazing?

Do they deserve our sympathy?

I can't go to the cops.

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You're really selfish.

Uh-oh! Dark storm clouds gather over the lake.

It was dark when I reached the hotel.

His bravery is worth respecting.

Orville was spared death and sentenced to life in prison.

Tyler and Lum don't know what they should do next.

Do you have ashtrays?

This is a house to let, not to be sold.

Novo likes to gossip about celebrities.

Here, try a bite of this.

She gave birth to a baby boy.

You'd better put aside some money for a rainy day.

My name is Nobody.

Everybody wishes for happiness.

We are no longer living in the stone age.

Shame on you.

A statement against social program cuts has been read.


It is worthwhile reading classical works of literature.

That's trash.

Brush your teeth clean after each meal.


Medical innovations are the best way to relieve us from sufferings.

What kind of trouble did Jayant cause?

Her mum doesn't make delicious cakes.

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I'm in my third month since it started and the flow is extremely heavy and my period is lasting up to 14 days.

What's the time now?

I just got back from the post office.


Baby is sleeping. Don't be so loud.

My memory is blank on the subject.

I like all vegetables except for cabbage.

I've been asked to become the manager.

Tell me you didn't do this.

I should go with you.

Man learned early to use tools.


Dani is polite.

I am often compared to my older brother.

It turns out that that house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere.

Stolen money never bears fruit.

I know how you operate.

It is imperative for you to finish by Sunday.

Chris saw his favorite girl, Kate, having a private conversation with Beth.

Jimmy is a citizen of the United States.

What did you spill?


It is uncertain whether he will agree or not.

I'm dying to rediscover fine British cuisine.

I have always been honest with you. Why do you want to deceive me?

The corporation invited bids for the construction project.

His house is not far from here.

This milk smells bad.

Will we be in time for the plane if we leave now?

Tomorrow will be better!

When did you two fall in love?


How do you get this stuff?

I regarded him as the best doctor in town.

He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world's believing him.

There's a bank about a hundred metres from the library.

Can't we just leave?


Celia broke his promise.


Danielle really needs you.

Let's find a gas station; we've run out of fuel.

I didn't want to miss anything.

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The prophecy came to pass.


Thank you for a nice day.

You'd better take an umbrella with you.

It's the dead of the night.


Why not apologize and ask for his pardon?


Mason seems quite relaxed.


Let's not spoil it.


His advice encouraged me to try it again.

This car is fully loaded.

Will I see her later?

Ole is still in a daze.

He is subject to fits of anger.

Do you shave your legs?

Marcia has finally paid back all his gambling debts.

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Vadim suffers from chronic back pain.

We're all mad.

I admit I neglected my responsibilities.

What mountain do you think is the second highest in Japan?

We'll have to work on that.


She waited for the bus.

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The weather couldn't have been better.

John is on duty today.

Lin is an aspiring writer.

A peacemaker was summoned.

Kenton taught himself French.


Lila had only one chance to get things right.

I've never been to Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.

My father didn't eat much fruit.

We may as well stay where we are.

Casper called John a fool.


I can't believe they hired me!

Tell me what your problem is.

We should have told him the truth.

You ought to smile more often.

I'd like to take a note of your phone number if you don't mind.

Don't get your hopes up.

I talked a little to Aki about clothes.

There are many videos on YouTube of people doing stupid things.

Dory would be hurt if you said that.

The sun on the horizon is wonderful.

He is the leading hitter of the Pacific League at present.

He is miles away.

I was ushered into the drawing room.


You've got a rash.

We could talk about them.

What's the product's code?


It sounds pretty straightforward.

We cannot do without water even for a day.

Is it really worth the risk?

I've said that before.

I'm glad it's happening now.

Mark gave Dieter some useful information.

Huashi told me to go home.

From the mouths of babes.

Did you write down the license plate number?


The plan is to buy half a million dollars worth of shares.


Did you really think it would be different this time?

In any case, the union has to compromise to a certain extent.

We'll have to be careful.

It's a classic commuter town, even during the day there are few people around.

Eva climbed the stairs to Romer's office, trying to analyse the complex smell in the stairwell - a cross between mushrooms and soot, ancient stour and mildew, she decided.

How many of them survived is not known.

Where are you going spend the summer holidays?


The picture reminds me of my family.


He lives in a village near Osaka.

Jamie and Jerome invited me to their wedding.

It's weird.

Try not to be late tomorrow.

Charlene bought himself a camera.

Does Real know how to ride a horse?

Are you seriously ill?

Bradley makes his own bed every morning.

Isabelle can't play the piccolo.


Do you mind if I join your trip to the country?

Where do you think it is?

You're thirty, right?


I don't know why and I don't care.


It cost no less than fifty dollars to get home from the airport.


New factories and industrial centers were built.

We've got it figured out.

Patrick's iPhone was stolen by a thief.

I could have stopped Vladimir, but I didn't.

It was a stupid bet.


That shouldn't be too hard to do.

Can I take a message?

Vowel harmony is important in the Hungarian language.

Three quarters of the surface of Earth is water.

Mann said hello.

I'm sure you'll figure out how to do it.

Vitya is looking at the map of Russia on the wall.


Because she believed in God, she had nothing to worry about.

An honest farmer had once a donkey that had been a faithful servant to him a great many years, but was now growing old and every day more and more unfit for work.

His name is familiar to everybody in the country.